Beaver Engineering is a qualified professional licensed engineering consulting firm that provides a wide range of geotechnical engineering services, material testing, inspection and consulting services. For more than 50 years Beaver Engineering has been a part of the design/construction team on more than 4,000 projects.

Serving the Nashville area since 1968.

Since the firm was founded in over fifty years ago, it has provided Geotechnical Engineering services for projects ranging in size from a few test borings to full geotechnical engineering services for sites throughout the southeastern United States.

The company owns and operates a fully functioanl laboratory and drilling equipment to ensure quality control.

Beaver Engineering combines experience, education and innovation to provide cost-effective and timely solutions for a wide range of Geotechnical Engineering projects.

We offer a full range of services to provide prompt and accurate quality control information and to compare actual field testing with project specifications.

Beaver Engineering, Inc.
7378 Cockrill Bend Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37209