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Our goal is to help you meet your budget requirements and construction deadlines, while maintaining high quality standards.

As professionals, we stand by our services and we care about the integrity of our work product. We strive not only to express our conclusions and recommendations in a clear, concise manner but also to provide documentation of the information that led to these conclusions.



Principal and Founder of Beaver Engineering

B.S. Geology & Civil Engineering, University Of Kansas


Principal  and Vice President of Beaver Engineering

M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Tennessee

B.S. Engineering, Vanderbilt University

B.S. Accounting, Physics, Presbyterian College





Technical Staff


Technical support staff obtains detailed training prior to being assigned responsibility for a project. Each staff member becomes  knowledgeable with test procedures as documented by ACI, ASTM, AASHTO, and TDOT.


We support your pursuit of quality construction.


Our  service will provide the information you need, when you need it.

Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Observation, Materials Testing